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Ad Title
Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Ayurvedic Treatment in Bhubaneswar
DescriptionDiabetic retinopathy is disease of eyes mainly affect to retina of eyes of diabetic patients with longer duartion. Small vessels of retina of diabetic eyes bcomes thin and ruptures easily. When this small vessels rupture or in the verge of rupture, macula becomes oedematous or thickened. This symptoms arises in diabetic patients with high and uncontrolled blood sugar for more than 5 to 10 years. First blurred vision appears, then vision decreases and severe stages with more bleeding in retina causes complete blindness if left untreated. Patient feels difficulty in seeing in dark after coming from light i. e called delayed dark adaptation. On examination retina shows multiple bleeding spots. In allopathic medicine apart from Avastin injenction only LASER phototherapy is the only solution this major problem. Which are again costly and have side effects as black spots appear in retina after laser therapy. In contrast if Ayurvedic medicines and procedures like panchakarma and Kriya kalpa i.e Tarpana. Putapaka, Ashyotan, Vidalaka etc. followed in earlier stage gives very good result in vision improvement as well prevents further vision loss. Ayurvedic eye treatments in Astang Ayurveda are completely safe, natural and non invasive in nature and done with Expert Ayurvedic Eye specialists. Astang Ayurveda Mig-43, Phase-1, BDA Colony, Pokhariput Bhubaneswar Odisha India PIN- 751020 email

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